Zoom Meeting Android Review

Zoom meeting is the online service available to users to contact their contacts. The major purpose of Zoom meeting is to provide the users the platform to communicate or conduct meetings with each other. People can use the service for the meeting of the friends or the business colleagues. This is an online service people could use this service on their windows and mac platform.

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There are multiply services are being offered by the zoom meeting which are unique and are used by the users. Some services of zoom meeting as follow

  • Video and web conference
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Screen Sharing
  • Business IM and Sharing
  • Webinars

zoom meeting androidAndroid Platform

Android is the system software developed by the Google. It is the system software used to run the smart phones. Today more than 80% companies use Android in their smartphones. The reason is that the Android is more stable and user friendly operating system. People could add and remove things of their choice in the android.

Android has the store from where different users could add different apps in their smartphones, the store is known as play store and is the store of Google as well. A person need a Google account to get access to this store and get the apps of its need. Different communication apps, games, learning apps are available on this store.

Zoom Meeting and Android

Zoom meeting is the service used to communicate with people and to conduct meetings. The service of the Zoom is not only available on desktops and laptops. Apart from that, zoom have developed an application for the smart phone users as well.

In this rough and tough routine you could not carry your laptop all the time. So if you want to become the part of the meeting, you could do it by using this app from your smartphone. The features which have been provided to android users are slightly different from desktop users.

 Zoom features on Android

On android, you can share your mobile screen with the maximum of 50 users. On the other hand you could chat, video call with your friends and business partners. You could also start webinar using your very own smartphone or iphone. The features are ideal and are need for the current time because people often found their selves in traffic and emergency and could not make it on time in the meeting.

zoom meeting android 2

Problems of Zoom with Android

Nothing is ever perfect, there is always is a space of improvement always available for everything. There are also different problems with Zoom on the Android. The major issue is the connection issue, many times it has been seen that users could not connect to their account causing a trouble for them. Another issue is the unavailability of the search button. When a user need to contact the friend, he need to manually search the contact pages to contact his friend. Another issue which have seen is the text of the chat. The text of the chat is large and does not look attractive. These are the problems in Zoom on Android.

The service of Zoom Meeting is not very well with the android right now but we hoped it will get better in the near future as zoom remove such issues from their Android app.

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