Zoom Meeting App Review

Zoom meeting is the service like skype to contact with your contacts and have communication with that. The only difference in both of them is that, by using Zoom Meeting you could talk with the multiple users at the same time. It is like conducting a meeting where different fellows and family member sit together and talk with each other.

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Zoom meeting is available for almost all major platforms. The platforms on which the Zoom Meeting is available are

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Mac Books
  • Iphones
  • Android

Zoom Meeting on Microsoft Windows

People could use Zoom meeting using their laptops and desktop computers. All you have to do is just went to the site of the Zoom Meeting, create your account for free and start video calls or conference calls. You can add contacts in your contact list and start talking with that. Another cool thing with the Zoom meeting is that one could join call by putting the Meeting id and join the rest of the fellows. Zoom Meeting website is stable and allow users to effectively interact with each other.

Zoom Meeting on Apple Mac Books  

zoom meeting app 1A user could also use the experience of the Zoom meeting using the Apple Mac Books. Just like on windows, for using Zoom meeting a user must went to the website of the Zoom meeting, create and account and start having a meeting. Zoom meeting has been very successful among the business people who want to conduct the meeting from distinct parts of the world. The experience of Zoom meeting is very comfortable and great. If you need cheaper price, you may need a Zoom Meeting coupon code.

Zoom Meeting App

The limit of the Zoom meeting does not end to the desktop computers or on Apple mac books. In order to provide more freedom to its user and growing demand of the Zoom Meeting. Developers have developed the app of Zoom Meeting which is available in different stores of different platforms. This makes easy for the users to use Zoom meeting using their own smartphones. Zoom app could be used on Tablets, Smartphones, Ipads, Ipods and on Iphone.


Zoom meeting developed an app for the smartphone users and so the phone user could get this app from the App store. Zoom meeting App is very stable and user friendly with Iphone users and one could use it easily. If someone want to conduct the family meeting while the family members are far from each other he or she could do it using this app.

The issue of the app with Iphone is that you could not call more than 10minutes using this app. Another problem is the server of the app is usually down which cause problem for many people.

zoom meeting app 2


Android users also use Zoom app using their Tablets and Smartphones. The app is specially designed for the android users to conduct meetings, webinars and talk with each other. Doesn’t matter the purpose you could easily use Zoom Meeting on your phone. You can get this app from the Google App Store, the app is free for all users.

There are many problems with the Zoom Meeting on android. On android the server of the Zoom Meeting is usually down. Another problem is that there is no search bar to search the contact. You have to do it all by yourself manually.

There are issues with the app right now but it is expected that the developers of Zoom Meeting resolve these problems in order to maintain their name in the market.

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