Zoom meeting iPhone Review

Zoom meeting is the application and service provided to the different platform users to communicate with each other. The purpose of the app as its name states is to conduct the meeting among the people. The nature of meeting could be anything depending on the use of the user. Some may use this app to conduct the meeting of friends while some use this for business purposes.

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The app is available for android and ios users and they could get this app from their respective stores. Android has Google Play store while Iphone has App store.


zoom meeting iphone1Iphone is the smartphone developed by Apple.inc and with time it has developed and improved. Not only has the design of the Iphone improved but all the performance and software. Currently ios 9 is the latest software used in the Iphone. The ios9 not only use in the Iphone but in thide Ipads and Ipods as well.

Iphone with ios operating system is highly stable and risk free smartphone, Iphone denied many request of the users in order to maintain the stability of the phone and also keep it safe any kind of unwanted virus.

Zoom Meeting and Iphone

Iphone is the highly stable phone and is the reason why all apps on this phone are stable. Zoom meeting develop its app for Iphone so that the Iphone users could connect with each other and could conduct meetings. Apps for the Iphone are first analyze that either there is any wrong with the app that could cause harm to the system or not. And after that they are available in the app store from where users could get it.

Zoom Meeting on Iphone

As we talked before, all the apps are first analyze and then are available to the users, Zoom Meeting is also first analyze and then available to users. This is the very reason why Zoom Meeting is more stable on Iphone as compare to Android because, on Android there is a chance of a bug and virus always available to harm the app.

Zoom meeting does provide the same features and compatibility to the Iphone users as they provide it to the Android users. The problem is, Android users try to run app forcefully which cause change in the app and it could not work properly. Just because the Iphone is more stable bug free smartphone, the Zoom meeting works smoothly on the Iphone. And only the compatible version of operating system and version of Iphone could run the specific app.

zoom meeting iphone 2

Problems of Zoom Meeting on Iphone

Even though everything is fixed in Iphone version of the App, there are some problem with the app are still there. The major issue is that on Iphone you could not conduct more than 10min of phone call via using Zoom Meeting, you have to pay in order to talk more. While on Android you can call as long as you want.

There are other issues of split screen and its currently working with the Ipads but its working fine with the Iphone. Zoom meeting is more stable and good to use with the Iphone as compare to Android where it finds different problems.

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