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There are many softwares developed that support video conferencing. This is particularly helpful for remote meetings and for being in touch with key business personnel who live far away. Saving time and money, these are widely accepted to hold meetings. One of these softwares that I tried myself and was surprised with the amazing results is Zoom meeting service. After my reliability being built over this zoom meeting software I m writing this Zoom meeting review so that people like me can get benefits from its use. First meeting that I held as a trial with this software was seamless. My co-meeting partners joined me by downloading the client software.   As it was easily downloadable, all of us were glad to use it. The first thing that we experienced was the astonishing sharp HD video quality. With simple call layout, participants were visible as they speak in various around the corner small screens with exposure of larger version as persons talk.

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As per Zoom meeting review it has a simple, elegant and intuitive user interface just like a Google or Apple product. Desktop sharing can be easily navigated and used with the simplest recording feature. Zoom App can be downloaded on the iTunes. This was done by my team leader when he parked car and installed it on iPad. Video quality on the iPad was also stunning just like we experienced before when we joined this software. Best part of our conversation was disappearing of the Zoom technology in the background with increased focus upon conversation rather than products or services offered by them.  Other features as per Zoom meeting review that we all loved for this software were;

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  • Easy integration with the drop box that allowed faster just in time collaboration
  • Real time synchronization of documents and keeping them up to date
  • Instant access by team members to the thought processes and latest information
  • Ability to integrate in to other Cloud products & services with use of REST API technology
  • Customization of IT environment as indicated by Zoom meeting review

zoom meeting featuresWe work with largest job trailers services and as were much impressed with Zoom we recommended this software to them for integrating in their job trailers throughout United States. Idea behind this is creation of job conferences which are planned for daily or weekly meetings or for various immediate field conditions. For inside job trailers and mobile versions in field, desktop versions was sued that positioned Zoom as project based tool for creating environment for the important decisions.


Apart from advantages that impress you to most extent there are some of the things that I found can be improved. According to Zoom meeting review it is only VOIP (voice-over-IP). This means that it supports no alternative dial-in phone number. Though it is not a potential drawback but is really something that I think can be managed and improved.


Pricing plan of Zoom is really impressive as indicated by Zoom meeting review. With its free version you get 40 minutes with upto-25 people along with unlimited 1-on-1 call timing. Business packages include that for just $9.99/month with unlimited calls. Rate for educational packages are $0.99/month. Integration of Zoom with Cloud products of website costs $0/005/minute. If you need a cheap price, you’d better get a coupon code from http://www.onlineconferencingsystems.com/zoom-meeting-coupon-code/.

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